Road To Awareness

Road to Awareness

The Road to Awareness (R2A) associate fundraising campaign has been making a positive difference to children in the communities Starwood operates in since 2008.

Every year between April and November, employees throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East organise fundraising events in their hotels to help support a chosen UNICEF project. The dedication and enthusiasm of employees is immeasurable with activities happening almost every week, including quizzes, cookery classes, sports tournaments, walkathons and much much more!

The campaign started when Even Frydenberg (Senior Regional Vice President for Western Europe and Global Initiatives) and Guido de Wilde (Senior Vice President, Regional Director Middle East) decided to take on a cycling challenge in the French Alps in aid of UNICEF. In the six years since, associates have raised over USD$3.2 million for UNICEF projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and the bike ride continues to be a highlight of the campaign every year.

Together, through this amazing funding, we have helped over 1,000 children using radio programmes to spread HIV prevention messages in Mozambique, given 2,000 street children in Cairo psychosocial support and helped 3,400 vulnerable children in South Africa get an education. In addition to this, 150 schools in Romania and flood hit areas of Pakistan have been refurbished and supported with materials, and 50,000 children are still being supported with pre-primary education in Ethiopia.

Last year's campaign was a huge succes, meaning over 8,000 excluded children in Cameroon and Nigeria will be enrolled in school and earn their right to an education.

To find out more about the projects Road to Awareness is supporting in 2014 click here.

Posted in April 2014 | Road To Awareness
In 2014 Starwood are aiming to raise over USD$700,000 to help UNICEF reach 2.1 million people living in poverty in urban and rural areas of Somalia with sustainable access to safe water and sanitation by 2015. Defined as one of the least developed countries, Somalia ranks amongst the ten poorest countries in the world. It is estimated that 43 per cent of the population live in extreme poverty...
Posted in December 2013 | Road To Awareness
There have been hundreds of fantastic events happening across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The dedication and enthusiasm of Starwood associates has been incredible! The money raised from Road to Awareness events in 2013 is helping to provide life changing education for vulnerable and excluded children in Cameroon and Nigeria. It would be impossible to pick our favourite events but...